21 August 2009


Yes, as my mother hinted below, our Anniversary Road Trip was somewhat of a Temple-tour. Though we only did 2 sessions, but they at temples (and towns) we'd never before visited. I loved it. I suggested a temple-visit for our anniversary a while ago, but even I had forgotten. Thank you, Ben for remembering and planning!

A favorite part was Ben's itinerary. He spent some good time typing it up-all organized with addresses and contacts in one document. He marked each new city with an explanation point:

Vernal! Park City! Logan! Salt Lake City!

We saw LOTS of petunias EVERYWHERE in Vernal, along with fascinating dinosaurs in the museum. I got a $1 navy leather purse at the local D.I. and we slipped into the Vernal Temple that was built first as a tabernacle in 1907. The Stockman's restaurant here was a tad better than the one in Manti...

The next day, we did lunch & gallery strolling on Main Street in Park City, then had no trouble using about $200 in gift cards for back-to-school clothes at the outlets. The drives through the canyons were gorgeous, though we were puzzled by the hazy fog. We later learned it was smoke from the wildfires... turning the sun to an unusual sight.

Logan seemed all-too unfamiliar, considering I lived there one Summer and spent many holidays and weekends there in my childhood. (in the home of Mama Jose & Papa 'Ses). Ben was most excited for this town's dining -- an Italian place called Le Nonne. I enjoyed my ravioli very much in the little house-turned-restaurant. Crème brûlée too! The Logan Temple was just up the hill; a grand sight at night. It was the next morning that we swam through the wedding crowds for our own session inside. (It's such a cool-looking temple, eh? Not so much on inside tho).

Due to Mom's note/tip, we stopped in Brigham City on the way back down for a MADDOX lunch (including good rolls and corn pones, raspberry butter, and chicken fried bison. Go fig!) and Peach City Peaches across the street. Yes, they were the best peaches, just as she said.

In Salt Lake City we stayed at the very most colorful "HOTEL MONACO" - an adventure in itself. A nap was in order, and then strolling around. We woke and Ben was gracious enough to join me at the Salt Lake City Farmer's Market, and the First Annual Craft Lake City. We also joined Bryners at their new basement home and attempted to help them move in. We returned home early and happy and with one year under our belt.


Thanks Ben, for your patience. My parents tell me I was never the emotional teenager they expected. But somehow I think that meant I became the emotional wife that I never expected. Luckily Ben still loves me. (Thank goodness he met me as that teenager!) And I love him. Happy marriage.