31 July 2009


at this precise moment,
i have that feeling
of excited/nervous/happy/butterflies--
like bursting-my-buttons-excited
the to-do that ben is planning for me, for us
& the gift i've been preparing during the past month's lunchbreaks

for our august 5 anniversary
{7 years of us / 1 year of us married}

i love that feeling!

28 July 2009


It's a fact.

I don't know if I've always been this way...

No, actually, I'm pretty sure I've always been this way. There's a photo in my head (that I would scan and post if it was in a chronologically-organized album on a shelf in the next room, but it's most certainly NOT): I'm standing in front of the old maroon minivan on the last day of 6th grade with a little one at my feet and papers in hand. I'm not smiling. On purpose, because I was feeling quite melancholy about leaving my beloved Timpanogos Elementary. I remember yearning to move on and at the same time hating the prospect of this change. My solution was that I'd stay at Timpanogos and they'd simply teach me a 7th grade curriculum. Simple! But even though I felt so strongly, I wasn't very emotional about it -- my mom remembers with me that I thought it was silly for the 6th grade girls to sit in the reading room and cry about it. But I was sincerely in pain for the rite of passage. And I have felt this way about many, many experiences since.

Most recently,
about my time in our first apartment. I really wanted this place. Tiny, yes, but so much better-feeling than the others we looked at. I felt so strongly about it that even AFTER we were selected from a pile of potential renters to move into a different place, and AFTER we signed the contract, and AFTER we paid the hefty deposit, I STILL tried for this place. And I'm glad we did. It has been tiny, but welcoming. Everything fit, even the corner couch.

Our busy college lives didn't allow for nearly as much neighborhood/ward interaction as this past summer did. And I fell in love. I love our crazy L-shaped chapel around our fence. I love the historic houses everywhere. I love the families that have been here forever, and the families in the "prime" of child-rearing, and the many newly-weds and babies. I enjoyed my nursery time, and even more enjoyed my month of Young Women time. Amazing people live here, folks. And I am sad to see this go.


I know there is more to love where we are going. (Like an extra room, washer, dryer and dishwasher for starters...) I'm not sad for what is coming, but I am sad about what we're leaving. This isn't the first time and I know it won't be the last time I feel this way. I guess it's all part of the grand scheme of things. I'm glad other people feel it too.

*Pictures of what we're leaving to come soon...*

27 July 2009



is the Knudsen sibling I've been around the least,
and I think we've not said more than a few sentences to each other.
But considering the distance, she is probably the sibling
that has shown me the most love possible
from across the country,
and so I feel I know her character.
Thanks for blogs, letters and gifts!

(Mad Libs for our long drive of a honeymoon, (see above) PERFECT-for-me green earings in the most 'me' post-approved wrap, (see 'birthday gift wraped and sent') and a cookbook for hard-to-shop-for Ben that he uses almost everyday.)

I love you Katy!
Happy Birthday 26 July 2009


when I think of


I think of the word


I might have said this before,

but it still rings true.

He is sincere and loving.

He is strong and unwaivering.

He does what is right and true under God.

He might as well just be a righteous Nephite warrior!

I’m glad Ann got him!

Love to you Brendon and happy (belated) birthday July 19?20?!

19 July 2009


I've pondered this question a lot this weekend. I debated it a lot with Ben during our 8 miles of hiking yesterday. (He planned a day trip to amazing lakes of the Uintas. We forgot bug repellent. We think we caught the height of the mosquito season and we are in a state of constant itch. We caught no fish, but instead sighted a family of mountain goats, made friends with a father-and-sons from Grantsville, and a still unidentified small badger-like animal. I left my camera in the car. All record is on his camera.)

I've heard this advice before from esteemed men: "Everyone should have a blog." Was that just directed for graphic designers? Was it as a commentary on the state of the internet? Why? What is it that everyone should be posting? How does this relate to photo blogs, bragging blogs, business blogs, design blogs, cooking blogs, competition blogs? What do I mean by each of those titles? Why do I blog? Last week I noticed I stopped writing, kind of. I like writing. Why did I stop? Why does anyone blog?

Thirteenth Article of Faith
, maybe? Not always?

Is it stupid and incredibly over-analytical that I'm so stumped by this?

13 July 2009


06:00 AM

(will you please post your better photos?)


I could have spent all day browsing the booths I think, but I don't think anyone else could do that with me. So I settled for the little I could do with company. Special thanks to my Ben, my family, and my Meredith & James for joining me.

All the Nu Skinners thought this shirt was an ugly joke.
I took it out of the D.I. pile because I like the American Apparel long soft v-neck.
So I was a free ad for the Freedom Fest's #1 Sponsor.

Mere loved making fun of Provo traditions.
My mom INSISTED that Ben & James pick out a tie.
James got all embarrassed.
I think Ben's used to it.
They both got good looking ties that are not pictured.

Ben found a booth he liked.

And he made a nostalgic purchase too.


After kind of missing the balloon fest as a family on Friday, Mom remembered she had an eye appointment. We all raced to drop her off and then found one of the giant balloons parked in the Eye Center parking lot! Then we all ran home to shower and still had time to fulfill Ashton's big desire for all-you-can-eat French toast before they stopped serving it.

We played quarters while we waited for our food, and none of us really needed a second plate.


They close off 2nd east between 100 South & 200 South. (and they do it by Provo City permit!)

They paint the sidewalks with big red & white stars.

They shoot off bottle rockets, making additions and changes to shoot it the highest.

They have a little 'hey ride'.

They have a BBQ.

And then they have a DJ dance party. (Little Sarah has some good rythm!)


OK I'm finally finishing the Freedom festivities update... This was the special guest at the neighborhood block party.

Her name says it all...

Actually a photo might say it all...

Or how about a video!? (That's "American Woman" playing in the background...)

08 July 2009


Dear Provo,

Happy 12:34:56 07/08/09 Day!

Right now.

POST EDIT: after posting, I ran to Marco and asked to take a pic of his amazing watch. I did a tester, and then got the real thing, but without as much focus :( And too bad the date is on the left and the seconds on the right. But still cool. So, so cool.

06 July 2009


I just spent a good amount of time trying to document Independence Day events. I was procrastinating it. Thank you to BEN who asked if I wanted to blog with him. [Yes, you read right. He's made his first post on my (our?) blog!] I finished most of the 4th's activities. But just you wait:

Soon to come from July 3rd:
  • All-you-can-eat Waffles
  • Balloon Fest (from Friday and Saturday)
  • Freedom Days Ties
  • Rocket Chick
  • Block Party on our block


Nothing like waking up to the parade's cannons in
your own bed.
Your super-nice neighbors staked out the front yard in the early-bird-gets-the-worm morning, so you just take your time, and shower as you hear the pre-parade bustle. You walk out the door and sit down for the show. Your other nice neighbor gives you free Otter Pops, and your ward of nice neighbors provide a crepe breakfast next door.

What could be better? Really?

ok, i admit: i AM the type that would rather camp out for a night of restless fun and an early morning of excitement. yes, i DO think that's fun. but i didn't mind this kind of prime effortless parade-watching either.

click to enlarge to see my sister carmen in the back in the shade,
and awesome claire sanford from our ward on the far left...

sarah was so interested in the parade, she wouldn't even look at the camera.

{ hi sheffields! }

i think ben said the bagpipes were the best part of the parade.

i think this guy was my favorite part of the parade.


Nothing like a family BBQ on the 4th of July. We're grateful to have made it to Timber Lakes with Ord fam and to Midway with Knudsen/(Birch?) relatives. We don't see cousins, aunts, uncles, nearly enough. It's nice that we at least have holidays to help us show love. I didn't manage to take a picture of myself soccer-ing it up with the Andrus grandkids, but just picture wild happiness. Maya was gracious enough to take snapshots of the swingset behind Tyson's cabin. I haven't swung swings for a long time. It was a thrill. Really. I laughed uncontrollably.

Thanks to amazing aunts for organizing the gatherings!


Dragonflies are valuable predators of mosquitoes and flies. The larval stage of large dragonflies may last as long as five years while the adult stage can last as long as five or six years. Wow.

STADIUM OF FIRE!!! (sing it)

I was kind of stubborn
about wanting to watch Provo's fireworks showcase. Special thanks to Ben for allowing me to pull him a tad early from his Midway Knudsen gathering back to P-town, where we met my family across the street from my house in the Parking Garage for Papá's work. We weren't the only ones with this idea, (meant for no getting stuck in north provo stadium traffic) but we had the whole place to ourselves after the small crowd cleared after the show and we lingered because we just couldn't get enough of the cheap thrill of the *sparkler*.

view of my patriotic employer from the top floor of the garage...

waiting, waiting...

i think i was a little tired of waiting?

good thing ben's camera was there too to get the ZOOM shot...

i spelled my name, while ashton spun in circles and someone else was slow


... and josie and i spelled a special note for our long lost brothers.

and a scooter ride around downtown before heading back across the street to home!