15 May 2009


So, as mentioned above/below... I basically live across the street from work. I walk home almost every day for lunch. I pass each lots of big downtown buildings: The County Courthouse, The State Offices Building (is there a more official title for it, Papá?), Provo Tabernacle, The State Health Building--which houses a tiny Utah County "Visitors Center".

Last week was National Tourism & Travel Week (?) or something?

They were giving out free popcorn to celebrate. I also got to ask them about their new little Promo piece. A few years ago they did a "Utah County Passport" and I LOVED it. Not only was it designed well, (by Stephen Hales Creative, I think?) but it was so full of the BEST of my homeland. :) I hope you read that outloud in a cheesy formal voice... This little passport became QUITE dear to me while away from Provo and the USA. I loved to carry around the little booklet to remind other missionaries of our home, or to show the Dominicanos my home. Well, they've decided to switch a lot of it to online/web promo stuff now, but I got their latest little 'map', and I enjoyed it with my popcorn in my bedroom on my lunch break.

And that's why I like working across the street.


Coopers said...

I would have picked up some on the way home for lunch and the way back. I just love popcorn!

Jenna said...

you get a nice look at our favorite tree too right? bet it's beautiful right now.

Also - hope you have a great gandolfo's sandwich one day soon just for me.

I'll be seeing you in 3 weeks!