27 December 2009


Remember when I wrote about surprises? And then I posted about Ben's...
Well I never got around to revealing my surprise. So here it is:


I have it upon good sources (see below)
that the first wedding anniversary is represented by PAPER.

So, after one year, I decided it was appropriate that I officially change my name on PAPER.
(I was Knudsen to him, and Sister Knudsen at church, but I had nothing official.)
You may recall that changing Juárez was kind of an issue for me.
But I also am very in favor of taking on Ben's name and all that it represents.

Also, I thought it meant lots to him. One of my favorite memories during our engagement was coming to visit at his house while he did stuff on the computer. He casually mentioned,
"It really hit me today when I put your future name into the honeymoon travel plans. I thought—she's taking on my name. That's kind of big."

(quoted to the best of my recollection)

So, enough excuses about school being more simple if I kept Juárez. I set to work.
(But in order to keep it secret, I did it on my breaks from my "real work"):

First, I had to acquire a new Marriage License because I don't recall ever seeing our first one. Good for me, the County Courthouse was between my work and my house at the time.

(had fun running into cousin Katie there who was changing her name!)

Second, I had to wait in line at Social Security where my mom works. But due to security, she couldn't hook me up so I ate lunch while I waited for my number to be called just like everyone else. However, Mom did witness me sign my new name for the first official time.

Then I could change my name on my Driver License.
This worked out because I needed a new license for scooter-riding anyway.
So a few lunch breaks involved trips to DMV, written/driving tests, safety & emissions tests, etc.
Sadly, they had to take a new picture and they didn't let me keep
my old license with the picture I loved so much.
(Photo shows a Traffic Ticket instead of my license because they'd kept my permit by accident at the DMV.
That's right: A day after getting my scooter license, I got a warning ticket a block away from my house for not coming to a complete stop at a right-turn red light...)

With my new Social Security card, I could officially change my name at BYU.
I needed a new ID there anyway because they were making everyone change.
I was ready for that new picture though. ;)

My bank made it easy. Somehow I could walk in with my documents
and they could give me a new debit and credit card on the spot.

Nu Skin was easy too. No new picture needed, just documents to HR,
then a swap for a new badge, and the IT people set up my new Knudsen work email in a jiffy.


On the night before our Road Trip, I sat on the floor to put it all together as you've seen above.
I also included the classic married-name-signature-practice, a photo from our beginning
(and ticket stub from our first August 5: the Beck concert in 2002),
and a photo from our eternal beginning...

The names in black stickers on the "file cards" are various names (some nicknames) for me.
The last name shown above is the noteworthy new one... The box to contain it all was a cheap ebay order in reference to a desk he made in high school with a similar roll-back cover. Papá helped me spray paint it and Maya lent me some nail polish to decorate.

I wrapped it up and Ben opened it that night in Vernal. Suffice it to say I enjoyed making it a lot more than he enjoyed receiving it. He just said he didn't care much if I didn't change my name.


Oh, well. It sure made for a good-n-long blog post.

23 December 2009


*also scroll down to december 20th to read about who turned 22

22 December 2009


Before Finals and even before Korea, Nu Skin asked me to design for the annual Sub for Santa campaign. I got to bypass the typical clip art or stock photography route, and instead, I got paid

to draw.

and i drew elves:

the ornaments/tags people took to donate

elevator ads. i love elevator ads.

and this was a giant poster...

I hope I can get paid to have this much fun for the rest of my life.


21 December 2009


I think I forgot how to blog. I'm just going to say that up front.

But I want to give a shout-out to awesome friends and family. Without them, I very well would be dead.

Listen to how blessed I am (brag-blog-alert):

Throughout the gross weeks of Finals (yes, in BYU graphic design, we basically have two weeks of finals. If you want a detailed explanation, I can explain in person...), we received:

  • FROM ASHLEY: Superfood! Not the Naked brand. No, only the best from Ashley: Odwalla brand. I savored it in little sips over the course of a late night and a long day.
  • FROM DEVIN: Red pepper hummus, blue corn tortilla chips, blueberry-pomegranate sparkling lemonade, and guacamole from Sunflower. Yes, the beverage was as good as it sounds.
  • FROM JENNY: String Cheese, sunflower seeds, Tillamook cheddar bite-size slices, Vitamin Water, and clementines! Those sunflower seeds were miracle-workers for staying awake night after night. And Tillamook and clementines some of the best orange foods ever.

  • FROM SEAN, MOM & PAPá: Rides, jumps, and car-loanings when our Protogé-5 went possessed and turned itself on and jumped a curb into a snow bank while we were in school, all in the middle of Finals. This kindness has continued until now. We are still waiting for the dealer to say they're ready for our pretty penny. (Well, actually more like one hundred sixty thousand pennies...)

  • FROM YOU TRUE FRIENDS: Your comments on my last post kept me going. I could get the email that told me what you commented, and it would satisfy my craving to look at blogs. Just for a bit. I'm ready to feed my cravings more than ever while at Nu Skin.
and, speaking of Nu Skin
  • FROM MY EMPLOYER: A Christmas bonus, the Christmas gift of $100 Costco Gift Card and a Nu Skin-engraved iPod shuffle, and another Christmas bonus, and letting me work such skimpy hours during Finals with a smile and a "That's totally fine!"

Thanks to everyone, we finished our last ChristmasFinals and lived to thank about it. { To celebrate on Friday night, we made a reservation at Communal, then canceled it to eat in our own backyard at Bombay House, then fell asleep to a movie. Mmmm...}

*I forgot how to blog because I misplaced all the nice little notes from Ashley, Devin and Jenny. I was going to post them here, but too bad. No pictures. So now Michelle won't read this...

01 December 2009


My classmates and I have been really into this lately:

We have two more weeks of work that might just be more hellish than my 12-hour plane ride to Korea in the back row in the middle next to Korean strangers.

But I think I figured something out: You can help me resist the urge to waste time blogging by commenting! Because if there's something new (comments) everyday, I won't feel I "need" to post something new, right? At least not until after school is over...

So pretty please. If you're not usually a comment-er, you can just type one word.
And if you've already seen it, just tell me your favorite part. And if I don't know you, even better.

Contribute to a good cause by commenting? So easy! :)