28 October 2008


Yes, I was going to cut my hair. I still am going to have it cut. I've milled around the Locks of Love website & I know how it works. (It's been 5+ years since I did this last). I have been stalling. I keep noticing lovely ladies with long beautiful hair & think about how I don't want to lose that. But then I remind myself that I don't have that right now. Maybe once a week do I allow my hair (and myself) time to dry enough to straighten it with the iron so that it might reach the status of beautiful. Mostly it is up--in a "sumo bun", as Elisa named it, or in a braid.

I'll miss braids.

But I'm ready. I promise you before & after pics soon...

25 October 2008


Ok, so I'm creepy.

Tonight I was just scanning stuff at the Library. Hardly a soul there--(it's Saturday night). Except for one awesome old man, there for hours, stayed later than I did (I left at 11), typed super fast, extremely focused. It just fascinated me so I took a picture.

Sorry if that's creepy.

22 October 2008


Today I was really in the mood for a peanut butter n' jelly sandwich.

I remember the stage where I thought peanut butter & jelly was such a weird mix. I didn't eat them.

Then I had them again somewhere sometime, kind of by accident.

And then I knew why they were so common.

Because peanut butter and jelly taste good together.


So school picked up this past while, if you couldn't tell.

Puppet shows, tests, and deadlines for website, magazine, logos & book cover designs.

There have been some late nights.

Also, I realized something about myself. I think I always knew it, but I realized how this thing about myself affects others & I've been thinking about how to control it. While thinking, I've refrained from posting (not that there's been much time lately either). This 'thing' is that I'm honest. I know that sounds kind of cocky, but I don't mean it all in a good way. I am often too honest. Not that I'm a big mouth either, I just don't 'hold back'--I like to share. Is that the way to describe it? Maybe some of you who know me well can describe it better.

...It's not a conscious choice I make either, I feel like it just happens. Which is why I want to be more conscious about it.

That is my epiphany. I feel like there's a lot more I want to say about it, but expounding on the thought is perhaps exactly what I'm trying to avoid. Plus I'm supposed to be fixing my css/xhtml family website & I need to finish the Spanish exercises. I only have about 3 hours. . .

Oh, but one honest thing I won't withhold: I love Ben more than ever & that feels good.

11 October 2008


Last night I hugged Ben in the kitchen.
He playfully picked up the Wüsthof knife
(ahem, thank you to Ords & Becksteads) off the counter.

He teased & said,

"Should I cut off your hair?"

I smiled. He teasingly made straining cutting sounds. I smiled & turned around.

He wasn't teasing.

He chopped off a good 3 inches of split-ends.


Oh well, I've been wanting to cut my hair anyway.
But it's going to be a lot more than 3 inches...

07 October 2008


Puppetry 452R.

It's ligit, and here's PROOF.

We made "Action Puppets", also called "Mr. Rogers - like" puppets for our fourth project. We had to write a 3 min. script with no words - just sound effects. Our teacher recorded them all and posted them at the link above. Fifth project: "Wannabe puppets", where we take cut open stuffed animals, take out the stuffing & give them movable mouths (because stuffed animals want to be puppets.)

06 October 2008


Yep, it's 12:35am, and I just found my yellow tape. I couldn't find the toothbrush Ben brought home from the dentist, and the last place I could think of was that it might still be in the car. I ran out in the cold with the keys and pierced the dark with the new Muir Woods keychain flashlight that my Mom brought home for Ben from their NorCal trip. I shined the light under the passenger seat and there it was. I'm a happy girl.

(Because when I came back inside and double-checked the bathroom, I found it on the floor under the cabinet!)

05 October 2008




jordan captured 2 quite-classic moments of ashton.
i love these 2 juárez boys!

02 October 2008


Last week I had to buy stuff at the bookstore for work but I found nice things for myself too: a small Moleskine planner that I expected to be $15, and it was $8. It has time zones, metric conversions, a ruler & many other fancy features I adore.

I also bought some nice painters' masking tape - perhaps it was even artists' masking tape. It was bright yellow. For about the past four years, I have always carried with me a roll of colored masking tape. I'm always glad & it has come quite in handy for a variety of purposes. First I had dark green, then red, then orange, then light green, and I was quite excited about my YELLOW.

I used it to decorate a letter to a missionary, then the next night I needed it for what it was made for: masking paint. It was late at night, and I looked everywhere. Twice. Ben even stopped playing Nintendo & helped me. No luck. He went to the store & brought me home some regular old beige-ish masking tape. I did my painting but haven't used it since.

The funny thing is that just days before my tape loss, Ben & I were in a very similar situation late at night looking everywhere for tape. But that time, it was his tape. No, he doesn't share my same fettish with colored masking tape. It's the clear packaging tape that he bought for his plant identification class. Every other day he sits to tape different 13 new leaves onto flash cards for a quiz the next day. He needed that tape, and ended up running to the store to buy more.

Except then we FOUND his tape. Mine is still gone.

I told Ben The Borrowers must have taken it. He doesn't know who they are. I grew up with recorded tapes of the BBC miniseries & I love the films and the idea. I keep mentioning that The Borrowers are taking our stuff. Ben says he hates when I say that.

Anyway, that yellow tape was expensive. I wrote this post right now because I was just about to do something that required that tape, but it is not here. I really miss it today.