08 April 2008


General Conference is wonderful, but it was super-wonderful while overseas. It was such a taste of home, and I remember really feeling removed from all things Dominican and just feeling Provo for a bit. When investigators didn't show up, we had the blessing of sitting in our own English room. Unexpectedly, it was so uplifting to sing in English and hear the voices of the brethren, and even just to be reminded of childhood culture. I became so determined to take advantage of living in Provo once I got home; determined to attend Conference!

It was a blessing only to wait a month, but even still, I wasn't on-the-ball enough to secure tickets. At my mission reunion on Friday, I jumped at the chance for one ticket given away by the past mission president's wife. Ben was sure if we made a sign, we could get another ticket on Sunday morning. While brushing his teeth that morning, Ben gave me the bright orange and lime green Sharpies and the white cardstock. I made a bright sign. We had parked in SLC at about 8:30 or later, but we were both worried: VERY MANY PEOPLE had signs for 1 ticket. I admit I was not very confident as we walked through Temple Square and across to the Conference Center passing ticket-wanters on all sides. I waited until Ben decided where we would stop and wait. It was a crowded area at the top of the stairs with at least 5 other people holding signs for tickets. We stopped walking, and I held up the sign, and at about the same time, I saw a man walking towards us. About 5 seconds later, he made it to me, opening his ticket envelope and placing his extra ticket in my hand with a smile! We couldn't believe it! As we walked to the assigned door, we were able to donate our successful sign to another ticket-seeker. Ben and I sat together in the balcony and I felt QUITE privileged the entire time.


Anderson Family said...

Hey, I stumbled apon your blog! I hope all is well with you! I know your family only lives a few doors down, but I don't see you much. Wasn't conference amazing! I surely enjoyed it! BTW feel free to check out my blog! savannaanderson.blogspot.com

tadd&cat said...

Hey, I ran across your blog on Megan Knudsen's! I hope you remember me :). Congratulations on your engagement, your ring is GORGEOUS! We should keep in touch!