09 January 2009


I became aware of a certain stereotype of blogs after my mission: the new wife brags about her husband, maybe a baby & about their wonderful life. I did not want to become that blogger.

Mostly because it might have something to do with my instinct of 'over-honesty'. The same instinct that leads to my real answers when someone says "How are you?". This question is asked everyday in greeting. But how many people are really wondering how the other is? Oftentimes the greeting is sludged into one: HiHowAreYa? But sometimes, they don't even expect an answer. For some reason, it is hard for me to answer with the typical "GoodHowAreYou?" reply. When people ask how I am, I want to tell them. But every now and then, as I unravel how I'm really feeling, I also get the feeling it's way more than they expected when they first asked the question. So... naturally, I thought my blog might just really tell you how I am. The good, the bad and the ugly.

{Here's the ugly: I've had a cold for over a week now and my nose is CHAPPED.}

And I thought I'd tell it like it is: I'm not happy all the time. I get offended and I offend others. Sometimes I don't do what I know to be right. My life isn't perfect. My marriage isn't perfect. Even Provo is not perfect.

But that was back when I didn't understand.

It was after reading a NY Times article on Stephanie Nielsen that I understood. (Read the last paragraphs.)
Of course. No one's life is perfect. No one's marriage is perfect. We are all human & we're all on different levels, different courses and paths. So I have a new respect for those blogs I mentioned before - the new wives bragging. They are focusing on the beauty. And this new online show-off realm of blogging has become an outlet for the positive. Maybe it can really motivate the positives in our life. It can motivate hope.

And HOPE is a commandment.

So here's hoping for a more good, less bad & ugly life. This blog, and several other good habits (2009 goals), will be the means.

As my mother said, "2008 was sure great, but 2009 will be divine!"


Rebecca said...

Amen! I vote for hope and seeing the best and the beauty, like you--even with your chapped nose! B

Kurt Knudsen said...

I love your honesty. Being honest is beautiful, don't you think?
Cute crusty nose too.

Amie said...

I know what you mean about the stereotypical blogs and I felt the same way for a while (maybe it's that need to be different gene), but when we realized what a great blessing it would be for Roland's parents, I took the dive. They check it every day for updates about their little grandkids. I've come to see the benifits of it for myself too. It gives me a chance to record things (who has time for a scrapbook?) that I would otherwise forget. And, as for focusing on the positive, I loved Pres. Eyring's talk (the one I quoted on the inside of your journal) about looking for the Hand of the Lord every day. Roland and I write in our Hand of the Lord journal daily and it has really helped us to feel humbled and grateful. So, while honesty is always appreciated, I agree that there's nothing wrong with looking for the positive.
p.s. sorry about leaving the world's longest comment! :) Love you!

Vitality Spa said...

Olivia! your poor poor nose. that is such a yucky feeling. It seems a lot of people are talking about honesty lately. I have just found that I don't need to tell everyone whats going on in my life because not everyone knows whats going on in my head, so it leads to judging and talking behind backs. I have a few people in my life who if something goes really bad, i can talk to them and i know they will listen and not tell. And lately i'm finding that maybe I should be the one who listens more. I am really liking being the listener. I miss you! I know you are so busy, but if you ever have a minute, please let me know. I'd love to talk. And i don't mean text talk or blog talk! haha

Vitality Spa said...

P.S. just to clarify! I'm not exempting myself from the judging and talking behind backs. As much as I don't want to or think it's right, i find myself still doing it every now and then. It is a huge new years resolution for me. I have always been in awe with my parents because I don't hear negative things about people come out of their mouths! I really respect that :)