07 May 2010


(and you are all invited to come see my BFA when it is done.
may 18-31.opening reception on the 18th, 7-9pm.)

let me tell you about a dream i had; a dream i entertained for over a year.

it was a vision of capturing the essence of my family-away-from-family
(AKA my classmates in the BFA program)
in a specific way—a magical way—a way that could only be done by

mr. jed wells.

i've looked up to this guy for a while. he probably didn't know me from adam—er—eve,
he just married my friend's older sister. he had a little comedy gig once
at the varsity theater and i attended—still a high school junior.
i remember thinking he and his wife were the coolest couple ever. ever.

then i lost track of them until blogland helped me out. coolest couple ever. still. read, you'll see.

anyway, long story short, jed made my dream come true, upon the event of our graduation:
(prepare to be amazed—and i know, i know, my blog isn't big enough for them, i'll fix it later)

john w. jensen

michelle sorensen

drew capener

k. colin pinegar

w. manasseh langtimm

regan fred johnson

rory bruggeman

laura tait

miriam altamira

jessi blackham

gloria pak

joey lasko

glori—i mean olivia juárez knudsen

gavin jensen

ryan hewlett


aren't they just glowing with magic? much more worth my money than a cap and gown.
so, in case you didn't know how much I hung out at school,
i'm glad you can now vicariously meet my peeps.

two years solid with these kids.
i testify that i know this class is true.
and that we are the tightest class ever to come out of
BYU's graphic design program.

as jed said, we are the very hope and future of graphic design.


love you guys!

oh, and jed freaked out over regan's grandpa's belt buckle:

thanks jayne for letting us steal your man. he's a magic-maker.

still the coolest couple.


mrs. farlanderz said...

#1 - Stinkin amazing portraits. wow. wow.
#2 - congrats on graduation for you two!
#3 - moving to SC? very exciting! I have heard only good thing about that state.
#4 - funny that you are posting this so late yet I am reading it so early (6am here) while kingston cruises around like a madman drunk on early morning air.


becca said...

i'll be in nyc until the 23, but you'd better believe that i'll be down to see your show sometimes in the following week!

Jenna said...

i love those photos!

Rebecca said...

so very cool.

Kurt Knudsen said...

we need Jed to do a couple photo of us. So NICE!

tortoiseknight said...

Michelle Sorenson/en!!!!!! It's me! Curt!!! Eres famosa!!!

jayniemoon said...

Olivia we're super flattered--we think you and Ben are pretty fantastic too.

By the way, we missed you at Midlake--next time?