08 April 2010


got great gifts for that golden day:

awesome earrings—two halves of the same avocado. from jenny (who found them on some awesome etsy shop; the girl lived in isreal. do you remember the name, jenny? i've been killing myself looking for the link.)

accessorize—there is a line from the first olivia book that says "of course, you can always accessorize." i think i carry the pig's same motto. but i rarely use hair accessories. not because i don't like them but because i don't take the time to make/money to buy them, nor do i "do" my hair often enough. this pin from ann motivates me to change all that. when i wear it, i instantly feel fashion-y.

from ben—best magazine ever. it's almost overwhelming to read because i love every inch of every page. so much. (the sad really sad thing is i forgot to switch my address with them and i didn't get the other 2 issues of the subscription.) and earrings are my daily bread. he bought them on darlybird.

i ♥ mail—i think one of the best matches between me & ben's family is making cool mail. so obviously, i loved katy's "wrapping/packaging" as much as i loved the frida goodies inside. 

packaging, again—devin gave me a cool wooden wall art of a decorative "O" (sorry no photo) but she says she knew i'd love the reusable giftbag just as much. its uses are endless, but the best one is probably for carrying lunches. so much better than a plastic bag and fits my big tupperwares better than a lunchbox.

great cards—people made really nice, cool, and funny cards for me. from ann, ashley, and cam, respectively. aren't these all amazing? they are.

this is not even everything, of course. but i felt it worth documenting even though i'm actually posting this a year later...

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Jenny O said...

This is the Etsy store i got those earrings from: http://www.etsy.com/shop/shayaaron?ref=pr_shop_more