06 May 2008


I always told Dominicans about how much it snowed at my home. I told about how I might get home in time to see a bit of it.

I have seen enough of it. I have been cold long enough. I bet some more cold is around the corner, but for now, Spring is winning. Summer is coming.

Viable reasons:

  • Yellow blossoms.
  • The smell I smelled last night.
  • The lack of shiver when I say goodbye at the door.
  • Magnolia blossoms.
  • The need to roll down the car windows.
  • Longboards E V E R Y W H E R E.
  • White blossoms.
  • Lilac blossoms on the walk to work:

And this last reason is viable, but ever-so unpleasant:

  • MOSQUITOness! - Today Ben asked me in the dusk if I was getting bitten like he was. I had something else on my mind and didn't make the connection that it meant mosquitoes. Just now I came home and I saw one buzzing around the lamp in the sala. It bounced into itself around the laptop, which is where I pinched it & killed it. That's right: I pinched it in mid-air. (That's how familiar I became with my biggest pet-peeve in the D.R. wonder world.)
I wish I could say Provo was so wonderful that there are no mosquitoes. But I concluded their sole purpose must have to do with my patience. And it helps me to appreciate the winter a bit more.


Kurt Knudsen said...

I feel your pain, On my mission we would let them insert their probiscus into our skin and then we would squeeze our skin so they couldn't get out and watch them suck our blood until they popped! (missionaries get bored sometimes)

Ann said...

I'm loving all the signs of spring too! It seems to be taking its time this year.

Rebecca said...

This pesky bugs are worth spring and lilacs!