25 August 2008


Okay. Today is my first 'real' day off: no wedding to plan, no reception to prepare, no job to work. But there is a big job ahead of me, actually. I feel like I need to fit 5 elephants into my car... (there is A LOT OF STUFF to fit into a TINY APARTMENT). I'm excited for the challenge, but it means work, time, thinking & effort.

Anyway, I feel like, on this 'day off', I deserve make a blog post. It's going to be about the things most on my mind. I've narrowed them down to four, hoping that I can be back to being productive in 15 minutes!

  1. I love Ben. Today, perhaps, more than ever. He is imperfect, like us all, but this morning, he was perfect, and I'm so glad I get to be his WIFE. (Still an unfamiliar term).
  2. I have a constant itch. Literally. While smiling for some family wedding shots before the reception, I felt a sting/poke on my hand. After the photoshoot, I was able to look down & see that it was certainly some kind of bee or wasp sting. Ouch! It must have been hiding in my glorious bouquet. (So I can't blame it). BUT, my hand is still itching A LOT! Last night, it itched to the point of waking me up. Thanks to Kurt, I had some anti-itch cream by the bed, & that has helped. But I still itch!
  3. Stephanie & Christian. I don't know them. But I now know a lot ABOUT them. I've spent much time on the family blogs & news reports about their plane crash and about the actions for their cause & benefit. I've decided to contribute to the silent auction in their honor. I know I don't have many blog-readers, but perhaps this can help in SOME way. My item up for bid: A set of 5 greeting cards: custom, hand-made Olivia cards. You tell me what you want (Birthday, Thank You, Get well, whatever) & I'll make them & get them to you with envelopes and all. You can even tell me WHO you'll send it to, & I'll custom design it for them. I'll make them my best ever, I promise. Or, if you're not interested in that, there's this cool green glass bird I have that I love, but I'd be willing to give up for this cause. I'll post a picture of it soon, but if that interests you more, say so. I guess whichever goes for the highest bid (meaning more $$$ to donate to the Paypal fund), will be the selling item. Click below to skip the auction, & donate now:

    (This is really a GREAT thing about Provo. It's an example of an INSTANT network of support -- mostly just because of people who know people. Stephanie went to Provo High and so did I and that is all the connection between us--other Provo people. I heart Provo!)
  4. Luke & Family. We received a shocking email from a long-time family friend apologizing for missing the reception and explaining that it was because their 2 1/2-year old Luke had been in a lawn mower accident. He is still in recovery at Primary Children's Hospital. How kind of Gina to even THINK to send an apology to us when that should be the last thing on her mind! We love you Glassfords and know that your history of quiet acts of service will be returned with acts of grace and blessings at this hard time. Thank you for your example always!
Bottom line: I am grateful for my blessed life. It is hard (itchy wasp stings) & I wish it were different sometimes, but I must remember how much I cannot complain. We are here with our specific trials for a reason. I'm dealing with mine--however minor--and I'm trying to remember respect all those around me for enduring their own.

I must admit that it triggered some tears last night--to kneel with Ben & humbly express these feelings with our Father. They were tears of immense gratitude for blessings. Most recently, the blessing to physically SEE the support and love for us and our families. THANK YOU to those who came to celebrate our marriage--especially if it meant you had to wait longer than you planned! Sorry!

(I must also admit that some of those tears were just in pure mourning for the loss of the Knudsen home-a BEST part of Provo, as it is all finally hitting me & coming to a close much sooner than later. I know it was never really MY home, but it has certainly become very close to home nonetheless since Fall 2001. I will miss it MUCHO.)


Amie said...

Reading this made me even more sad that I couldn't be there on Saturday! I really tried, but it wasn't working. I have a little gift for the cute couple that needs to be hand-delivered (so that I can see how the little place is coming). Let's talk soon! xoxoxo

birdonthelawn said...

I am a pretty determined cuss and I am quite sure that I will be winning your cards....just watch:)
I want you to post more, you are so great, passionate, real, honest....

cat+tadd said...

A few things, I'd love to see pictures of those amazing cards you make! I don't understand how people can be crafty, it astonishes me. Second, that poor little boy, I'm so sad for him! Third, I'm so happy you love being married, it's a wonderful thing!

Azúcar said...

Wait? What happened to the Knudsen home??

I knew Jordan in college and I love that home so much (We Provo girls are the best.)

Emma said...

So glad I found your blog! Congratulations to you and Ben. Great pictures too.