15 August 2008

This morning I woke & Ben was outside pondering our furniture dilemma. I made the bed & washed dishes while he readied for work. The dishes were from our first dinner in our new home last night:
[I microwaved some leftover olive lasagna that came when I visited my dad at his work across the street. Ben sauteed (sp?) zucchini, boiled string beans, and sliced a giant tomato & fresh basil with a butter knife since we have no knives. I spent under $3 at a roadside sale of garden-fresh produce earlier that afternoon & it made for a fun dinner. To top it off, we used a bottle of "O" brand balsamic vinegar that I was given for my birthday in 2006. I had never opened it because of its exemplary package design.]

Then, as the classic scenario goes, I sent Ben off to work with a kiss, and then felt like there were 2 good options to use my time between 9:30 and 10. Either go on a run, or catch up on blogs. The mysterious free wireless was working, so here I am.

It's a choice that's left me a bit sad: sad how addicted I am & how much I love it, & sad for my body that has been craving more physical activity for SOME time now.

But a lot has been going through my head since the moment we returned to Provo. Not to mention just a lot of new firsts have taken place. I wish I could share it all, but it's nearing 10 now & that's shower time.


Jordan said...

It's nice to start with such a simple dilemma? Congrats again to you two. And happy homemaking to you both!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the glimpse!

cat+tadd said...

Awww married life, welcome to the ranks! Love the wedding pics, and the green!

Kurt Knudsen said...

glad you got the couch to fit inside.