04 September 2008


This semester is just as I expected: super-exciting & fun, but incredibly intimidating and scary.

A little taste of my experience:

Adrian's class: He told us we needed to have several magazine subscriptions, and that if we didn't have enough money--Christmas is coming. (wink-wink! on my wish list: Good, Communication Arts, Graphis, Martha Stewart Living, Real Simple, Seeing The Everyday, among others...)

Brent's class: He told us we should all surf the net at least one hour a day; that we should have a blog & update it often. (I should repent on that one).

Eric's class: He gave us an assignment, then told us to set it aside while we focus on a commission from FontShop. That's right, BYU design students were asked to work on a project an international design corporation. Kewl.

Puppetry class: We made 2 puppets already. The assignments were an animal sock puppet and a person sock puppet. I made an octopus, and what Ben called a "homeless-looking guy". Pictures to come.

Spanish class: It's fun to use the language again. But it's my only class I have to go buy a book for at the text place, and we use the online "Blackboard" system. Not a fan. I'm also taking it with a good mission buddy, Jayrin Farley. I love her; thus I love my time in that class.

Wayne Kimball's Litho class: I've always been really intrigued by the lithography process. Wayne Kimball is a master printer and is about to retire, thus I figured I better get in on it now. But it's a lot of work & doesn't really count to anything, so I decided to just audit. It also only lasts about a month and a half, but I've already learning a bunch in just 2 class periods. Wayne's great. It's just dangerous for me to audit because I tend to stop attending since I know it doesn't affect a grade. Levi's going to help me just learn & print though. That's what I wanna do...

To be continued (for TWO more years)...

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