29 September 2008


I should leave out information more often; I get more comments...

Ben wanted everyone to know that when he 'agreed' to eat the grasshopper, he didn't really think he'd have to. I guess his friend Ben said something like, "If I eat a grasshopper, will you?" and then it wasn't until near the end of class, that the other Ben did the deed. I guess everyone looked to our Ben, expectedly--being familiar the agreement.

"So I picked it up, closed my eyes & just crunched into it. So bitter!"

I guess he spit it out without swallowing it.

So, Amie, I think Ben is both brave and silly.
And no, Manders, he had brushed his teeth by the time he saw me and kissed me.
So you can see, Ann, that it was the REAL thing.
Yes, Rebecca: yuck!
Janette! Hello! I'm reminded of you often as Ben moves through 'your' major. It was your favorite class, really? I think Ben enjoys it. I would...

And I think that's all the info I left out. Any more questions?


Amie said...

thank you for clearing that up...:)

Kurt Knudsen said...

Dead or Alive?

Cherie said...

KURT was thinking exactly what i was thinking... but if it was dead... i don't think i'd want to know for how long! GREAT bragging rights for Ben either way! But does he like 'tacos de lengua' as much as you do?