05 February 2009


Yesterday I saw a guy in semi-best dress, cleaning windows while holding a book. I walked by again & saw he was actually reading it while wiping the windows.

Today I ventured outside of the HFAC to the bookstore for the first time in a WHILE:
On the third floor, I dropped $85.39 on a power cord.
Then I remembered I was craving chocolate and, at the candy counter on the second floor, I spent $0.98 on a quarter pound of chocolate-covered cinnamon bears. (I like them thanks to Jenna.)
Then I saw an ad for 20% off on Sarasa pens. It's been a long time since I owned a Sarasa. I went downstairs and got it. They weren't even that much cheaper, but I was on a splurge roll.

*OH, here's a kicker: I used my debit cards on all those 3 separate purchases in the same store. The last girl at the register asked for my ID. ! ? What? I was surprised, and a titch annoyed. It's BYU. If anything, I should have been ID'd for the $80 purchase. What do you think?

And I no, I don't have any cool photos to go with this, but I really wished I'd had my camera to take a picture of that multi-tasking window wiper. Picture that in your head.


Jenna said...

That's great. I was totally able to follow your trail :)
ah...chocolate covered cinnamon bears. .. .. thank goodness my mother gave me a little stash that I indulge myself on every now and again. They don't make them out here :(

Amie said...

I'm totally curious about the window wiper now. Why the semi-best dress? And, what book? Sounds like quite and eventful afternoon!

Kurt Knudsen said...

and what window?

Katy said...

This was so funny I read it once and then waited for Ryan to finish brushing his teeth and read it to him. Strange day. Picturing the window washer dressed up and reading a book seems like it would be a great painting. If only I could paint.

olivia said...

it was in the HFAC, of course. the windows on the entry doors...seemed he was a student custiodian--maybe he had an oral book report to give at a class right after work?

Cherie said...

OK, yup - the HFAC... THAT explains it! Those artsy types - tee hee. Actually i'm guessing he was more the Performing Arts type... his book must have been a script! (You'll have to remember that surprisingly decent cell camera next time!)

But as the blogoshpere reads this post and understandably focuses on the unusual window washing behavior/attire, they might just miss what your mother could NEVER miss - i simply must bring the truly significant to the attention of each dear reader:
YOU, my precious overly frugal first born, actually spent just under $100 same store on the same quick run, (w/out Calvin's willing MAC debit card :)... and you lived to BLOG about it! Delightful! WELL DONE!

(Now if only Sarasa hadn't changed that one shade of green, huh? And did you see any .5's like sean saw in WA?)

Lindsay said...

ooh yay! I miss you Liv. Let's do stay in contact by more than our blogs.
me: lindsuille@gmail.com
cell: 310-8500
Both Katie and I get our mail sent to our mother's house.
(1251 East 1280 North American Fork, UT 84003)