03 September 2009


Like a typewriter I'm just going to write because that's what this blog is for me.* A place to write & document (with photos, when the time permits); especially when it's not happening by way of journal or photo album.

Sad. But true.


A Favorite: Typing away while Loved One naps beside me. But not just beside me, but touching me with his whole backside. I like the connection.

Last Sunday: In the dark I was with Loved One as he pulled to the side of the road beneath some Rain Trees to collect their pods. Branches and bunches of pods to include in the next morning's floral arrangement. Smart of him and oh-so fun.

This week: School. I was dreading it. All I could remember was the no time for anything else, the spreading myself thin, the feeling guilty for pausing to enjoy something other than homework. But this week I'm feeling all the good: the excitement of learning, the camaraderie within my class. (15 of us, all together - for 3 classes in a row that last all day long. Not to mention my English class--which takes me back to my days of typical lectures - but feeling so intrigued by the rhetorical questions and loving the exploration of the class discussion. And, loving writing. I'm glad I love writing.

The scooter: Like an ignorant disgrace, I never let the world of this blog know about the new addition to our family. Sorry. There will be an entire post on its birth and childhood (this summer), but the scooter is now in its prime-of-life now that it serves as our campus shuttle. Ben recently said with such emotion (when Ben shows emotion, it means something): "Can I just tell you how great it is to have a scooter!?" It's true. "You can do whatever you want!" Like go home for lunch if you want because you know you don't have to use the time of walking up to the car, driving home, driving back, parking and walking back down to campus. Or zoom past the big line waiting for pedestrians to turn left within the 8am parking lot. But, we need helmets. Shall we ask for donations?

Moneys: There are a few big things that have stripped us from funds. Tuition for Ben is one thing. (Special thanks to Olivia for being Multicultural so she can have a scholarship) AND our dive into newlywed travel across the world to KOREA. Yes! Another topic deserving a post of its own! Over Thanksgiving, we are excited to join Kurt & Becky in their mission land. However, with the transition of school, Ben has quit Blade HQ and I'm earning part-time at the Knuskin. It's scary and new but I'm excited for this time of employing alternative ways to earn and ways to save. Ideas?

*So how lame that I can't get over analyzing the why of this blog. I brought it up a while ago. Maybe more than once. It was all after Ben insisted it was all a competition. Then I learned Brian Collins' purpose was that designers have blogs that they might improve their writing skills, which we often lack. Then Brent said it was imperative that everyone have some sort of presence on the World Wide Interweb. (These are not direct quotes). But I like what all of you shared too. There are many different reasons, though I was looking for one universal reason why everyone should have a blog. I may still continue this, but for me, it is a journal. And for me, it has always been a shame that I write a journal if no one is to read it. That's why I'd gather my siblings as a 6th grader and read to them from my 1st grade life. Why write if it goes unread? Well I suppose writing is therapeutic for the writer sometimes... And yadda, yadda, yadda. Hmmm... maybe I smell a BFA topic.


becca said...

I think that sounds like a perfectly good reason to blog. I can't define why I love blogging so much. It's become a hobby, something I like to do almost every day. It's a connector with people. It's a place to place things I document or create whether it be photos, words, design. Some days it is just a journal for me, keeping my thoughts. A blog can be anything you want it to be, and those things can change from day to day.

Amie said...

I'm so glad you like to write too. Your writings are so enjoyable to read. I love the way you analyze and sometimes over-analyze. It's such a great quality of yours and I love you for it. I also like the journal aspect of a blog and the ability to share it with others. Keep pondering this one and I'm sure you'll find an answer! :)

p.s. I am completely thrilled for your upcoming trip! What a great experience.

p.s.s. Will we get to see you on Sunday for Charlie's blessing? (I posted about it on the Ord blog)

p.s.s.s. I don't really have anything else to say, I just felt like another p.s. might be fun. Love you!

Kurt Knudsen said...

good blogging O!
I do it to stay connected.

Rebecca said...

I like hearing your thoughts. Blogging is just another creative outlet and the most important to share with people I REALLY love!

k a t y said...

Blogging can become any of those reasons, but I also love it to stay in touch and share my life with family who are so far away. I also love to be inspired instead (rather than jealous) by others and the way they live their lives, such as Stephanie Nielson. We are here to rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those we mourn. The internet is used for so many horrible reasons, but it can also be used for God's purposes. I'm glad you blog so we know what's going on inside Ben's head (and yours, of course!) Love you!

Anonymous said...

I Love you!!!!!!!!!! I love everything about you. I don't know if I know any words of how your writings make me feel... refreshed? Like when you take a really deep breath and stretch or after you go running and you get a drink of cold water and take your shoes off... yeah, I think I will stick with refreshed. Thank you for sharing your thoughts :) :)

Miss Gabe said...

Olivia why have I not been reading your blog until now??? This is cousin Gabe by the way :) Now that I have found you I shall never let you go. Keep using your blog as the journal in which I think EVERYONE should read. You are darling!