01 December 2009


My classmates and I have been really into this lately:

We have two more weeks of work that might just be more hellish than my 12-hour plane ride to Korea in the back row in the middle next to Korean strangers.

But I think I figured something out: You can help me resist the urge to waste time blogging by commenting! Because if there's something new (comments) everyday, I won't feel I "need" to post something new, right? At least not until after school is over...

So pretty please. If you're not usually a comment-er, you can just type one word.
And if you've already seen it, just tell me your favorite part. And if I don't know you, even better.

Contribute to a good cause by commenting? So easy! :)


k a t y said...



Kurt Knudsen said...

Ah. But weren't the 12 hours worth it to be with us in Seoul Heaven?

Jane Hudd said...

I can't see whatever you just posted (a video?) at work because they cut the budget for streaming video. But I promise that once I've seen it I'll comment. I'm willing to help you make it through the next few weeks. :)

Rebecca said...

I love it. I can watch that clip over and over, and comment each time, because I am a procrastinator supreme.

Also, I can't wait to show Doug the "picking your nose" part, because I think it will make him snicker.

Ashley Thalman said...

I say you blog everyday of Christmas break....just think only _____Decembers left in school!

Jenny said...

I can't watch it with sound until I'm home from work. So I'll comment again later.

Also, I really hate procrastinating. It never gets me anywhere good (ie: stressed with no sleep).

Um, and after Christmas, will you make me a cool blog header? I'm ready to change the look of my blog again.

made sweet said...

i think i have to disagree with you on just one thing...getting comments only feeds the fire, and you want more and more, so you want to post more and more, right?


here's to finals, projects, no sleep, and late nights in the lab!

glad you're back.

Cherie said...
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Cherie said...

Hey Mija,

I posted on mine last night for the first time in a month or so... then i clicked on yours... and now i'm thinking... maybe i should comment here then post a couple more times on mine in your absence - that might be as big of a challenge for me as NOT posting for you (just while forcing yourself to meet all your classwork December deadlines, of course).

Richard said...

Loved the procrastination video!! Thanks!

Josie Jo said...

The word verification is "vomega," and I like it.

Also, thank you for always finding cool videos.

Also, thank you for going to Korea and bringing back pens and my scarf.

Also, thank you for having a letter press, because I'm graduating soon, and I'd like letter pressed announcements. And Sean can help us. :D

Vitality Spa said...

Olivia! So excited to hear about Korea! (Hopefully in person, rather than blog!)

Cherie said...

wow, i am soooo impressed that you've been focused and disciplined... but your phoneless state has been a bummer for me... and i imagine the nighttime HFAC Gestapo have been a bummer for you!
Keep at it you history of handwriting QUEEN

olivia said...

thanks all for encouragement! and thanks, Mom, for TWICE commenting. and yes, kurt it was MORE than worth it. and MJ, LSU is officially on the "applying-to" list. and larsons, we really should have dinner, and ashley, this is my LAST dec-finals-ember.

wouldn't you know it but the day after i posted this, our teacher asked us to write down our top 5 distractions, then assigned us to abstain from one of them for a week. i chose to omit blog-looking and blog-posting for a week, with the exception of some glancing on sunday. and i finished the week just now.

well the truth is, it's been a good week. and i've felt productive, and proud. even though i still feel i'm falling short of the high BYU graphic design standard, i feel good.

and i'm going to feel better when it's over. so to help me, i'm going to aim for one more week of blog abstinance (tho perhaps less-strictly) this week.

the faculty review of my work is this friday, the 20-page paper on handwriting is next friday. then i'll be back.

and there's my post-in-a-comment. howdaya like dem apples?

jenny said...


GaeLynn said...

I'm procrastinating reviewing the clip until after I comment! Hey Olivia, I think of you often as I'm driving by the stop light by the library. You're probably freezing as you ride your scooter this time of year!

tallia said...

are you done yet???