06 March 2010


So we were all excited to say goodbye to February
(yes, I can spell that awkwardly-spelled/pronounced month, despite proof of the opposite on Ryan's birthday tribute...)

Ben and I had high hopes for March 1st,
particularly because it marked the end of "No-Spending-Month"
(we could hardly last through the shortest month of them all!)

But March's Monday had other plans for us.

Before we had even been awake for an hour,
our high hopes were shattered.




Along with our scooter, bodies, and all the debris from our little scooter compartment
when Mr. White Camry didn't see us after stopping at his stop sign, and crossed over 700 North right in front of us.

Ben braked as hard as safely possible, avoided swerving into the opposite line of traffic,
but we still collided with the very tail-end of the Toyota.

By that point, we had probably slowed to 10ish mph, and the other car really was hardly hit.
So it really isn't that big of a deal... just a lil' accident, but also a story.
That's why it might seem like a big deal, because it's a big story, and I like telling stories.

And drawing stories:

During a boring class the day after the crash, I drew out the scene,
just to see if I could figure some things out.

The little circle/dot in front of my hand is my button.
It is one of the first things I remember noticing after the fall: it popped off my coat. :(

The pain in my back was so sharp initially that I knew it would hurt more if I tried to move.
Ben was soon hovered over me and I rambled quickly, "I'm OK, I'm OK... I just feel like I fell out of a tree, but 10 times worse, and you know how you just need a little time before you get up?"
Several other faces appeared asking if I was OK, and luckily I was right—after about 30 seconds or a minute, the pain wore off and I could get up, back pack and purse on me too.
I tried to help the helpful passersby to clean up the debris, noticing the scooter
had already been wheeled to the corner by someone. (Thank you nice zoobies!)

Mr. White-shirt-and-tie came over to say he was so sorry and that he hadn't seen us.
We shook hands and smiled and waited as he called the police.
Along with two police cars came an ambulance and firetruck.
We signed some papers to verify that we didn't feel bad enough for a ride to the ER.
The big vehicles roared away and the other police car went with them.
The student traffic died down, now that class had started,
the sun came up and we filled out papers with our shaky hands.
Then it felt like a lot of waiting and wondering why.

Police Officer Man delivered a citation to Mr. Newly-wed-in-January,
who then gave us his insurance info, and we said goodbye.
Then Policeman lent us his cell phone because ours wouldn't work.
Luckily Papá answered the strange unknown number
and could drop everything to come give us a ride home.

Police car left and Ben, Deformed Scooter and I waited alone in the cold sun.

And we'll leave you waiting there by your warm computer until Part II of Lil' Accident Story.


Cherie said...

Ashton and i read this fun post together, and had fun clicking on your illustration - he pointed out the body outline in the lettering, and of course he guessed right away that the little circle was a button. Hope you have time for the next story chapter soon :)

Kurt Knudsen said...

LOVED the Lil' Accident story.
HATED you two were in one.
BAITED BREATH WAITing for the part II.

Rebecca said...

"NO! Not the gumdrop buttons!"

I'm glad that's all you lost! :)

Ann said...

Glad you're okay!

Jordan said...

So glad you're okay. I hope you were wearing helmets!! Helmets save lives (just ask Dr. Gooch).

amyluck said...

You're scaring me to death Olives!! So glad you're OK though! I love the drawing--it's so you--I laughed pretty hard.

Rebecca said...

Oh Olivia. I shudder to think what could have happened. Glad you are all right!

Devin Ann said...

Oh dear, scotter accidents are no fun...glad you and Benjamin are okay:) I love the drawing...wish I could see you in person so you could tell me all about it. I love heraing your stories in real life. Good luck getting the scotter up and running:) Hope to see you Saturday!

Vitality Spa said...

OLIVIA! Ok, so I just saw you about 30 minutes ago and then came and read this! I am so glad you guys are ok. whew. sad I didn't read this an hour ago... then I could have asked you about it in real life. haha.

Amie said...

I'm so glad it wasn't worse. Loved your diagram. Hope the cute little scooter gets back into shape soon!

k a t y said...

After relating your story to the kids, Pearl proclaimed she was NEVER going to ride a moped or motorcycle. So glad you escaped any greater trauma!

Gerb said...

My goodness gracious! What a blessing that things turned out so well for you both. Sorry your cute scooter didn't fare better...

Jenna said...

yikes. don't like that story, but did like your picture. So, I'm in Provo - a surprise last minute trip. Here until Tuesday hanging out at home. I'd love for you to see us - when Carter's awake :) I'll call ya later.