27 July 2010


So BK finally moved into our place—"our place" being
the apartment in the house on the same nine acres as a daylily farm.
Not too shabby. There's a giant private pond next door. NBD.

We heard about this place a while back (thanks, Preston), but it just took a while to come true for us.

I only ever got to see the place from the outside, but now that Ben's moved in and got the internet working, he could send me los fotos! We're going to start up a furniture search, but so far, I think HusBen has started a pretty good little Nor Car nest:

view of bamboo/trees/pond... and a little roof

He even stocked our first East-side fridge with milk dedicated to our 2nd anniversary.
But sadly, on that anniversary day of "first date 2002/marriage 2008,"
he'll be doing finals, and i'll be working away. oh, and we'll be 2,000 miles apart.


But that's OK because I get to move into that cute little hardwood house when I get there!


Rebecca said...

Fun to see the place. Hope to see it in person soon.

Kurt Knudsen said...

Looks great! AND don't you get to pick as many flowers as your heart desires to festoon your nest?!

Erin M. said...

How fun Olivia! It looks perfect.

Ashley Thalman said...

nice! a place of your own with lots of wood and woods. nice.

Jenna said...

That looks like a great place!
(btw - Carter & I are coming out the 31st thru the 9th! We'll be in touch!)

olivia said...

yay, jenn! a perfect overlap!

Ann said...

I bet you're anxious to get there! It looks like a great place.

Is what my dad said true? Lucky!