26 July 2010



k a t y said...

oh, Olivia, thank you, thank you for your generous, kind words. How grateful I am that you married our family and that you love that little brother of mine. Love you much.

PS I'm still shy.

Josie Jo said...

Katy, I've always loved to read your blog. I haven't ever had much of a chance to really know you very well, but I still admire you. Happy Birthday!

And Olivia, I hope that someday I'm able to show love like you do. You always have wonderful things to say about EVERYBODY, and you say those wonderful things because you know that they are true.

judy said...

Olivia, you don't know me, but I've been a friend of Becky and Kurt's like forever. I really hope I get to meet you someday. You're an amazing designer, adorably sweet and have such an optimistic outlook on life. I think my mom would want me to hang out with such a good influence.

olivia said...

hello judy! how flattered i am—it's fun to know there are people you don't even know who still like you. made my day! any friend of piggy and dirt is a friend of mine!

and josie, thank you oh-so (he he like oso) for the kind comment. you sure do know me, eh? :)

Cherie said...

HOW COOL! Both your words about Katy, and especially KATY! (I think we've both agreed several times that that you married the best family EVER- next to ours, of course).