02 October 2008


Last week I had to buy stuff at the bookstore for work but I found nice things for myself too: a small Moleskine planner that I expected to be $15, and it was $8. It has time zones, metric conversions, a ruler & many other fancy features I adore.

I also bought some nice painters' masking tape - perhaps it was even artists' masking tape. It was bright yellow. For about the past four years, I have always carried with me a roll of colored masking tape. I'm always glad & it has come quite in handy for a variety of purposes. First I had dark green, then red, then orange, then light green, and I was quite excited about my YELLOW.

I used it to decorate a letter to a missionary, then the next night I needed it for what it was made for: masking paint. It was late at night, and I looked everywhere. Twice. Ben even stopped playing Nintendo & helped me. No luck. He went to the store & brought me home some regular old beige-ish masking tape. I did my painting but haven't used it since.

The funny thing is that just days before my tape loss, Ben & I were in a very similar situation late at night looking everywhere for tape. But that time, it was his tape. No, he doesn't share my same fettish with colored masking tape. It's the clear packaging tape that he bought for his plant identification class. Every other day he sits to tape different 13 new leaves onto flash cards for a quiz the next day. He needed that tape, and ended up running to the store to buy more.

Except then we FOUND his tape. Mine is still gone.

I told Ben The Borrowers must have taken it. He doesn't know who they are. I grew up with recorded tapes of the BBC miniseries & I love the films and the idea. I keep mentioning that The Borrowers are taking our stuff. Ben says he hates when I say that.

Anyway, that yellow tape was expensive. I wrote this post right now because I was just about to do something that required that tape, but it is not here. I really miss it today.


Rebecca said...

Yellow masking tape? I'll look.

Amie said...

If I had a roll, I'd run to Provo right now. I can't stand when I can't find what I need. Hope you find it soon.

Devin Ann said...

Olivia I miss you like you miss yellow masking tape... when can we get together? Thanks for reminding me of the "borrowers" I loved that show/movie growing up:)

Tyrel and Jenna said...

Don't worry - or maybe you should - my family grew up watching The Borrowers too. Ben's the odd one out. Hi Ben!