22 October 2008


So school picked up this past while, if you couldn't tell.

Puppet shows, tests, and deadlines for website, magazine, logos & book cover designs.

There have been some late nights.

Also, I realized something about myself. I think I always knew it, but I realized how this thing about myself affects others & I've been thinking about how to control it. While thinking, I've refrained from posting (not that there's been much time lately either). This 'thing' is that I'm honest. I know that sounds kind of cocky, but I don't mean it all in a good way. I am often too honest. Not that I'm a big mouth either, I just don't 'hold back'--I like to share. Is that the way to describe it? Maybe some of you who know me well can describe it better.

...It's not a conscious choice I make either, I feel like it just happens. Which is why I want to be more conscious about it.

That is my epiphany. I feel like there's a lot more I want to say about it, but expounding on the thought is perhaps exactly what I'm trying to avoid. Plus I'm supposed to be fixing my css/xhtml family website & I need to finish the Spanish exercises. I only have about 3 hours. . .

Oh, but one honest thing I won't withhold: I love Ben more than ever & that feels good.


Kurt Knudsen said...

Personally I like your honesty a lot!

Rebecca said...

Please! Don't stop! I love that about you.

Amie said...

They're right! It's so refreshing and so you!