24 December 2008


This has potential to be a long-y. And perhaps has potential to offend some. I hope no one takes it personally... these are just my feelings. ;) (Intrigued yet?)

I returned from my mission to find that everyone and their dog had a blog. I soon caught on that, at least with a bunch of my friends, it was a common newlywed thing to keep everyone updated on their new life--especially if there was a new baby included. Except it usually wasn't the newlyweds updating everyone. It was typically the girl. It was the girl telling about what the two of them were doing and how they were feeling. I thought about how if I were to do that, I think it would be pretty biased. I decided then that, as I was getting married soon, I would ensure that I was telling about my thoughts, my favorites, my feelings on my blog. And that if anyone wanted to know about Ben, they could learn from him so they could get it straight-up. Ben was just going to have to start his own blog. For the time, I was proud to get back to my blog--one I began back in '05, and somehow abandoned by '06. And it worked... especially since I wasn't really married yet.

But then two important factors hit me... well, one is a factor and one is a moment. I'll start with the moment. It happened on the very morning of our wedding. Kurt invited our siblings to stand at the mic and give whatever mini-speech or words of love they desired. I think Katy was one of the first to stand & I loved what she said. Of course I can't remember it exactly, but it was something like,

"...and we love Olivia because she tells us what Ben is thinking..."


"...because she tells us about Ben..."


"...because she tells us what Ben doesn't."

You get the jist/gist. It hit me: it was true. And this brings up the "factor": Ben isn't going to start a blog. (Believe me, I asked.) It's just not him. It's just a fact of his personality that he isn't the most open; most outgoing person. Of course, if you get to know him, he doesn't remain quiet all the time. He certainly knows how to carry on a conversation. And he can talk about very interesting things, and throw in amazing jokes that you can miss if you're not intelligent, or have a good sense of his humor. ;) That was one of the first things that tipped us off that we were a good combination. To this day, Ben says one of his favorite things is when I laugh at his jokes. It's something he wrote to me on a birthday card long ago--something about how I'm a "tight" girl, because I laugh at things "when other girls would just get mad." Now, I'm sure he meant that in the best way; not like I would laugh if he made some dirty joke! He wouldn't make a dirty joke like that!

Anyway... so no offense to you women who hold down the fort AND a good updating blog. I'm just a prideful person, and wanted my own blog. The url, afterall, is OLIVIAinprovo... but I've been humbled. (Thanks, Katy!) I think I can do this. Ben is certainly a big part of OLIVIA. And as a service to at least Katy, I'm happy to update the world on him too. Even right here. And, in an effort to avoid me describing his feelings, I'll try to pass off Ben-post by Ben himself so you know it's legit. Because we all know he probably won't be commenting or posting to tell you all if I report something with a bias.

So, welcome to the new "I HEART PROVO"... about what Olivia AND Ben are doing in Provo. (I guess I'm going to have to check if he really 'hearts' Provo too...)

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Rebecca said...

Well said. I support what ever you do on your blog!