24 December 2008


Hi everyone.

There haven't been any 'endless hours' of free time yet even since finishing finals, but I DID finish! And I DO have at least a bit of blogging time. I finally got to do some Christmas shopping YESTERDAY... and right now at work (Law School again), since I've been through all the admissions mail & entered the info & filed away, I can post all that I would've posted. And I can tell you the outcome of some of my projects, eh?

  • joytoeveryone.com has been a hit. Over 120,000 visits from 145 countries. People leave really nice comments on the blog. Someone even made some parody already on YouTube. It was really good to learn how to work with many different committee members, and it was nice to participate in something with such a pure purpose. We were gifted some copies of the DVD/card. Some of you might see one in the mail, but the rest of you can see it here:

  • oliviation.com is live and kicking. You can go visit it on one condition. You may not use Internet Explorer to view it. IE is dumb and won't read my coding so it won't work. Use Firefox or Safari for a more usable experience. This is by far not exactly how I want my portfolio site to look like, but it's something. I owe much thanks to Calvin for his dear counsel, teaching, advice & time to help me finish this. I love my family! (You may see updates of the magazine re-design & Blade HQ re-design there under the "See what I do" tab...)
  • In some "spare time", I quickly designed a card to accompany a lithograph print as part of the gift/Christmas card sent out by the Department of Visual Arts (one of the departments in the College of Fine Arts and Communications, who sent out the DVD above for their gift/Christmas card.) It was letterpressed beautifully by Rob Buchert of Tryst Press:
The print is a lithograph after a 17th-century Chinese painting by Mark Graham and was printed by master lithographer (is that even a word?), Wayne Kimball.

  • Our Puppetry teacher was so nice to allow for an all-day presentation for BYU's Mask Club count for our final! I didn't have to worry about anything for that class during the rest of my intense projects. I'll miss that class. It was a nice 'break' and creative outlet. I also learned a lot! See our first 3 presentations HERE. And here's a blurry picture from our class show number, "Stone Soup." I'm the baker up in the little house. The poor traveler below is sitting on my longboard for easy-moving below the low stage...

  • I liked the direction of my book jackets for Just So Stories, but it will still need refining over the next months, and I already have ideas of how to do so. For now, these are the documents... as if the jacket were unfolded with the back on the left, spine in the middle & front on the right... (got that?)

(If you haven't read those stories yet, you really should. The Armadillo, Leopard & Elephant stories are my particular favorites...)

As for everything else... it worked out. I'm still alive. Trying to tidy at home & maybe even put up some Christmas Decorations. I actually got to put lights on the banana tree on Saturday! FUN. Anyway, Merry Christmas, bloggers!


Amie said...

Merry Christmas to you too sweet cousin! I love the "Just So" covers! Can't wait to see the end result. I hope you have a few minutes to actually sit down and relax this week! Love you.

Rebecca said...

You are something else. No wonder they all call you to do their design work! I need to chat. I want to know details on all you are doing. Questions! I have questions!

Sandy said...

Congratulations on all of your amazing work! You are a wonder--of course, I've always known that! Hope you're getting some relaxation during the holidays! XOXOX