05 May 2009


Happy 50th to
Donna CHERIE Ord Juárez
A perfect subject for my 2nd tribute, don't you think?

Maybe it was her Cinco-de-Mayo birth
that gave her such lively flare & kick.
I've grown up with it being normal to hear the words constantly,
"I love your mom!"
-- from my friends, to neighbors, to family, to strangers.

People LOVE her.

I became aware of this as a young girl when my hobby was to read through her high school yearbooks. I read half-page-long signings all similarly expressing sincere gratitude for my Mom and the positive effect she had on them with her shining personality. Even her teenage peers took notice of her unique and contagious happiness.

It wasn't until MY teenage years that I realized those long, sincere yearbook letters were NOT the standard. ;) At least not for me. It became more apparent that
my mom was something special.

It wasn't until my college years that I was able to really enjoy that special-ness. And not only her special-ness, but a special-ness in our connection. I'd like to think that at that point we became supports to each other. We were often on the same page/wavelenght about MANY different subjects. We weren't living together, so phone calls became much more frequent. OFTEN, I'd run into a decision, call her for advice, and she'd say "Well what do you want to do and I'll talk you out of the other choice."

To this day, it is that way. I think we understand each other almost completely.
Just last month, I called her in tears
just to hear her talk it out, say "I'm sorry" and "it's ok".
The next morning I got to give the comfort
when she called me in tears.

I KNOW I'm blessed to have her as a mother. She is stupendous.

(Because who else has a mom that loves video games more than you do?):


Amie said...

You're on a roll girl! That was a great tribute. Happy Birthday, Cherie!

Ann said...

Happiest birthday to you!

Jenna said...

Oh Cherie - She is just great! Happy Birthday to her!

GaeLynn said...

Such a nice tribute to a wonderful lady! Good to see you today! I love you too as much as I love your mom!

Kurt Knudsen said...

Happy 5-0! on 5-5!
Thanks for the best daughter-in-law ever!

Rebecca said...

Happy B-day to one of my very favorites! I love you, Cherie!

Anonymous said...

You are right, I love your mom! and I love you too :) look at all these happy posts! I love that too

Cherie said...

...wow mija ~ i'm still feeling all warm and tingly! What a good writer/feeler/thinker/creator you are! ~ so glad we could all munch on cracked pepper fries together well before sunset! (I counted 14 lilac bushes in bloom on our way home)!
PS: i'm delighted /grateful to share wavelengths with you!

Sandy said...

That's a beautiful tribute to Cherie, and all true! Happy Birthday, Schister! (Sorry it's tardy, I've been gone!)

Anonymous said...

Please give her huge hugs and kisses from me!! I love that woman you call mom :)

Sue said...

Sorry to be late on this as well... but what a perfect tribute to your mom - she is the very best! Love you both!