07 May 2009


Well now the (blog title) name rings true. I heart Provo over NYC. For this summer. (Well, I kind of felt Provo over NYC, even though I wanted NYC over Provo, but now I'm happy with PROVO. Sorry, NYC...)

And now I get a Provo summer with a 'big-city internship feel': at the tallest building in Downtown P-Town: Nu Skin Enterprises, Inc.

I'm loving it. I flash my ID card in front of the elevator so it will let me up. I flash my ID card at local business and they give me a discount. The team took us out to lunch for Cinco-de-Mayo, and Camille from Zellerbach is apparently taking us to California Pizza Kitchen for lunch today.

When my lunch isn't bought for me, I walk across the street to... MY HOUSE, and heat up some leftovers and brush my teeth right there.

In just three days, I've worked on special typesetting and edits for standard labels, and designed a draft for the Freedom Festival back cover ad.

I love the Freedom Festival.
I love Provo.
I love summers in Provo.
Thanks, Nu Skin.


Julianne said...

That does sound just about perfect. Good job. NYC can't stand a thing against a Provo summer.

kt said...

Hey! Congrats! Here's to doing what you love! Clink!

Rebecca said...

Provo summers are great! I will miss it this year! But mainly YOU I will miss.

Sandy said...

Congratulations! I'm sure it won't take them long to see what a good thing they've got in YOU! Have a great summer!

Amie said...

That sounds awesome. I'm so glad it all worked out. It never ceases to amaze me how our lives never seem to go the way we "plan", but they always turn out so much better! :)

Jenna said...

That's right - you are living SO close to NuSkin - how perfect. I sure hope you heart nyc at some point and live out east for a while. What a treat that would be :)
That NuSkin building sure does make me a little nostalgic - ha ha

Jordan said...

congrats on the job, Olivia! So glad you're enjoying it.

Sue said...

Congrats! We're all happy that Provo won out over NYC... Enjoy the new job!

Thrifty and Thriving said...

Olivia! Come over to the Kress Building! I work at Nu Skin too! Hooray!