13 July 2009


OK I'm finally finishing the Freedom festivities update... This was the special guest at the neighborhood block party.

Her name says it all...

Actually a photo might say it all...

Or how about a video!? (That's "American Woman" playing in the background...)


Emma said...


Did you know that my uncle was the previous Rocket Man? He carried on the tradition from a neighbor, and then passed it down to Rocket Chick after he moved out of the neighborhood 2 years ago. Mike Brown, the Retired Rocket Man.

I'm so glad she continues this fantastic display and that it's still as cool as ever!!

Rebecca said...

Is that your mother?!


Kurt Knudsen said...

You go girl!

olivia said...

um ok, emma: #1-HI! i'm jealous that casidy talks to you all the time. and then i met the red twins' sister and she said you were in town for the weekend...i miss you, and your RocketMan heritage.

wish you couldda been there with me.

and yes, rebecca, that VERY WELL could have been my mother. perhaps SHE will carry on the tradition when her kids are old & grown and she feels she must continue in festivities?

Cherie said...

Rebecca L -- Come come now girl, you KNOW if it had been me, i'd have been on my unicycle! you remember -
...TANGENT ALERT: fun story retold here on my blog comment---
Yes, the glorious unicycle Koki secretly put on lay-a-way summer of '99 when beautiful brown baby #6 was almost 3, and none of the 6 had ever seen me ride one -By Christmas morn they'd still kept his great secret, but by then I was bulging with bonus baby #7 and 40.5 yrs old, and there was slushy snow on the ground... and YES, I still got on and loved it! And YES, they were all beaming - a MAGICAL memory moment for sure! But blessedly NOT caught on film for YouTube! (unlike the clip of my impromptu Latin dance/song solo caught at girls' camp recently) - yet another tangent...
Good night. Sweet dreams.
xoxoxo mom/cherry