05 November 2009


Photo taken on 8 October, 2005. What? It's been four years?
Devin is still that photogenic.


I used to love saying that "Devin and I have been friends since we were born."
For our growing-up years, we'd only see each other every several months.
I remember it always took us a bit to warm up to each other,
but by the time it was time to go, we'd never be ready to separate.

Then after high school, we never really had to seperate. We were together at DT (RIP),
where she introduced me to her friends as her "fake cousin."
Appropriate, I thought. Her family is basically part of my Mom's family,
not to mention several other life-long significant connections.
The next three years of living together turned fake-cousin-ship to deeper friendship.

Happy 25th Birthday | a month ago | Devin Ann!
Thanks for your constant initiative to keep that friendship going! You're ever o-so on top of it!

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Devin Ann said...

Wow a whole post from busy Olivia, just for me...thanks friend:) You know I never tire of birthday celebrations! I too am so glad we are friends. Now lets get together soon...it's been way to long!