01 November 2009


Thanks to the dear ones who said you miss me. I miss the blog(s).

Too bad I let blogging turn into another one of those always-behind-in-and-trying-to-
things. I could just let it be what it is and help relieve me of the stress and yuck building up from the rest of those a-b-i-a-t-t-c-u-o things.

So I'm trying again.

But special sorry's to those I've disappointed: most particularly the birthday peoples. (You see, I think that's why I didn't do birthday shout-outs in the first place, because how was I ever going to keep up? And what if I missed someone without knowing it? Guess what: I did. Dear Deborah thought I was going to tell all about the wonderful influence she's had on me and even my hobbies to this day, but alas, I let her down! And that's only accounting for the soul that was brave enough to tell me that I skipped her. So, we'll see if I can't make up for that too.

As an update in general, schoolwork is still hard, but I still love school mates and class content and learning. I've chosen handwriting as my subject of research for the next year, and the basis for my BFA Final Show, (currently scheduled for the first weeks of May; mark your calendars). I'm loving it, though still hating the never-sleep lifestyle, and always being behind.

My True Love has been supportive as ever. Thanks, Dear.

Adrian, my Australian professor for design, wrote this line on the board at the beginning of class. He asked what we thought and I blurted,"The story of my life!" I copied it with my Sarasas in my sketchbook.
I'm working on replacing fear with faith.


Sue said...

Oh aren't we all? I am ever so constantly working on that one...

Jordan said...

Great quote, glad to know your still breathing/working/living out your lovely life! Keep up the good work.

Amie said...

You can do it! Go forth with faith! :)

k a t y said...

So happy to read an Olivia post this morning! Good things are usually hard....keep it up!

Ann said...

That's a great quote. Glad you're back!

Oh, and I can't wait to see that unibrow! Picture to come?

made sweet said...

haha. i loved when you blurted that out in class. :)