29 November 2008


I've been OUT of the blogosphere, because I've been IN the following:
  • Letterpressing 600 wedding announcements for dear Maglebys.
  • Designing the deans' Christmas card/DVD packaging
  • Designing posters for visiting artists.
  • Trying to re-design the magazine Frankie.
  • Re-designing (over & over) the identity for the online company Blade HQ.
  • Designing 3-book-set of Rudyard Kipling's Just So Stories.
  • Trying to design & code a personal portfolio website.
  • Making puppets.
  • Cleaning.
  • Laundering.
  • Not cooking (thanks Ben, for taking over that one).
  • Sleeping.
  • Watching Lost - one episode at a time, just before bed, or while 'designing'.
So I'll see you when all this is over. This post made me waste enough time, so I think that should cover me until Christmastime--when I'll be posting everything under the "would've posted" label, I'm sure.


Kurt Knudsen said...

Olivia, loved the Christmas Card/DVD case and the poster. Can't wait to see the wedding invitations. 600?! You ARE pressed for time. (pun intended.

Amanda Barrett said...

Olivia, you have the coolest life ever!

Rebecca said...

I loved seeing all you are doing. HOW DO YOU DO IT ALL? Can't wait for the post-school update!

Amie said...

Wow! What a gal. Can't wait to see pics of your other projects...

Vitality Spa said...

whew. i'm tired just reading your to do list!

Cherie said...

Can't believe we've both been so crazy busy that i have yet to see the pressed product! - i heard bits of the pre and print process but keep meaning to ask about the design itself... I even made a random pmt connection after a Mark encounter Sat,
But see, what did i tell you the day after hauling that mega heavy clam shell into the garage? - did you catch Kurt's reference to the name i gave a little storefront downtown (in my mind's eye) where, to the delight of the county, wonderful watches and letter-pressed lovely's could be found.

Ben & Oli are: ... PRESSED FOR TIME ...

Even "BenjOli's" has a nice ring to it-an Italian spin.
OK, OK... I'll try to go back to sleep!!

kashi mai somers said...

"Trying to re-design the magazine Frankie"

what are you re-designing ??

olivia said...

kashi mai somers: marketing & online manager for that very Frankie magazine.

meet her & her blog here: http://www.blogger.com/profile/05473007816182531232

Meredith said...

I had to type something yesterday and the closest available computer I could find was right next to the room where your class was having a final. I kinda heard you present your project (I couldn't really hear what you were saying only that you were talking). I hope it went well and that you are surviving all your finals!

Lauren said...

I found your blog by way of Megan's and just wanted to say hi! And wow, you're super talented.