05 November 2008


(photo courtesy of thedailydiscussion)

My family is all about Obama. Papá, Mom, Calvin, & perhaps most especially Maya. I'm happy Mr. Barack is our president. I'm pretty sad I didn't get to vote for him. I didn't because I thought I'd missed the deadline to register. And I did. I found out that it was too late on the day after the deadline. But what I didn't know was that I was already registered! My mom went in at 7pm (with no lines, mind you) and saw my name next to hers as it pulled up her ballot!

:( Oh well.

My mom said his acceptance speech brought her to tears a few times. I watched it on CNN this morning, and though it didn't move me to tears, I was very impressed at his humility and promotion of UNITY. That's what the UNITED States are all about.

Anyway, maybe someday I'll get to vote...

Oh, and happy 3 months of marriage today. To me & to Ben.


Rebecca said...

Happy Marriage to you from me too!

Amanda Barrett said...

haha I love that picture! Oh yes, and it has been 3months/eternity, you still have a long way to go, but Happy 1/4th of an anniversary!

Amie said...

That's a great picture. Happy 3 months! Here's to thousands more months!

Cherie said...

McCain's concession speach totally moved me too, though mija, it was just a mood thing - and history, and respect for the GOOD in the process and for the GOOD in the country - inspite of huge problems right now...
I voted for several republicans and several democrats this last time - which is a total FIRST for me. Historically, it's been mainly, if not always, republican.

freeky weird pictures!