06 November 2008


So my class got out a little early just now & I wanted to write some stuff up here on the internet before I hurry to finishing the next assignment...

Today I wore Ben's socks, and my long-lost kelly green leather gloves.

I got a parking ticket because I was carrying a bazillion bags--including 2 puppets & a bunch of props for the show. I was running pretty late. I should have just been 10 more minutes late & parked up above. I'm sad about it.

I ate a grapefruit at 3pm that Ben got at the new Sunflower Market for like 15 cents each. (Right, Ben?) We got an ad in the mail last night that was bragging a much higher grapefruit price (60 cents, was it?).

I finished all my assignments by the skin of my teeth & I was pretty pleased.

Gloria brought a delicious, nutty Korean tea for our class to share. It was more like a white hot chocolate than a tea. The best part was it's English name: Job's Tears.

I get to eat some good black beans & rice leftovers for dinner during my next class, and I'm excited. Oh, but I'm not excited that I have a cold sore. Ick.


Rebecca said...

Glad you got your assignments in but not glad for the ticket. Sad. Eat some good beans and rice for me. B

Kurt Knudsen said...

I'll be looking for Job's tears.
I recommend Lime Lassi, both for the beverage and the packaging.

Amie said...

I love wearing Roland's socks (I don't really know why, but I just do). I also love the Sunflower Farmer's market and have made the trip to Orem more than once to go there. How lucky for you to have it close by! And, how lucky that Ben did your grapefruit shopping!