09 March 2009


Ben stopped in his tracks the other day to comment about the times. "Think of all the internet has brought us. Just in the last 20-30 years. That's why it's called the Information Age."

Thank You, Kurt:

By Artist Jean-Luc Cornec

Thank You, Rob & Georgia:

Thank You, Keenan:

Thank You, Calvin/Meg:

Just look at all that information from the internet.


Kurt Knudsen said...

thank you Olivia! Going on a mission as seniors is a snap with the internet at our fingertips. We can keep connected, see kids and grandkids-and talk with them in real time. I email scriptures and other church info to investigators and new converts. It's great! AND SO ARE YOU!

tallia said...

i am so afraid of that bigdog.
the more i thought about it when we went home, the weirder i realized it is.

Cherie said...

i pinch myself everyday :) just to be sure i'm not dreaming - i just can't fathom how all the cool technology could be REAL... and yet i know i never could've imagined it all - even while dreaming.
Ready access to info is Simply HEAVEN for inquiring minds.
I think of my honorable father, who suffered through my barrage of questions when i was young... and never had the parental luxury of being able to say, "Google it".

Lindsay said...


by the way... I have a camera for you! (if you still need one). it's a nikon, and it's FREE. check the ord blog for details. :)

emily sparks said...

very cool! hey remember me! i found you while blog searching:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Olivia,
Brendon's mom commenting here! (Ann's husband, Mary Deanes grandma) I just wanted to say late Happy Birthday. I enjoyed getting to know you a little at lunch in Provo and you truly have an infectious smile brimming with the spirit and life. (Ben is blessed to have you) Thanks for sharing you. Hugs, Tina

Anonymous said...

ooops, meant to say Ann's mother in law but oh well...you get what I meant right? I answer everybody's blogs through anon because I don't have one yet... i think my blog will be called momanon because i am always anon. :) You have married into an incredible family. They have already blessed our lives in so many ways. Take care, mom - anon

elisa bushman said...

I am in love with those yarn sheep and your blog mentions me somewhere but I don't know where.