07 February 2010


Thank you ten times over to the Bryners, who are nice.
They really exhibited what I have recently decided is the
"Valentine's Spirit."

I discussed the upcoming love holiday with Casidy last week.
She observed that most people don't like it... especially if they don't have a "lover."
I kind of agreed to the Valentine Dismay because I don't feel I get to
look forward to it much—even having the best love ever.
It's mostly because I don't really have time to enjoy it... School and work doesn't stop
like it does for 4th of July and Christmas—Casidy's poll says those are most people's favorite holidays—but it's because we usually have TIME to enjoy those!

I confessed there was almost nothing better when we were young...
we got to make those giant poster board mailboxes for our desks and then pick out our favorite cartoon-themed valentines (or better yet, of course, make them with glitter, confetti and doilies) and we made sure we had one for everyone on the class list, but were also careful to not give the boys cards with the word "friend" on it instead of "love" so they wouldn't get any ideas,
and you got cinnamon lips and conversation hearts.

Casidy argued that this fun should be continued now/forever.
It's a holiday that emphasizes LOVE, yes, but not always romantic love...
mostly it's friend LOVE too. It's kind of an extra excuse to be NICE.
As much as there is a "spirit" of Christmas, there should be a "spirit" of Valentine's Day,
and it should be on the theme of NICE, I think.

Everyone has time to be a little NICER, right? I think that is my February aim.

So, Happy VALENT-NICE WEEK. I love you all.


Ann said...

Good idea. I like any holiday that breaks up the humdrum of life, so, I've never not liked Valentine's Day even when I didn't have a "lover" as you put it.

Amie said...

LOVE it.

jon b said...

we had so much fun that morning, sorry ben didn't make it out for a pajama appearance-

Kurt Knudsen said...

Krispy Kremes DELIVERED?!
I am impressed.

Tawny said...

Does that girl in the cartoon freak anyone else out???

Vitality Spa said...

Olivia! I think I may have your number all wrong... I left a message but the answering machine didn't say whose phone i was leaving a message on. I'm not sure. Anyway, I have a Christmas/New Year/ Valen-nice gift for you. I think about you a lot because I see it there sitting on my table! haha. Anyway, will you facebook me or email me your number and address?! Thank you, thank you

olivia said...

Yes, Tawny. That was part of the reason I chose that image—WHAT is with the scary little girl and the scary multiple lady fingers?

Long-Lost Rachel! Sorry to go in-cognito. My sister stole my phone number from me... But I sent you an email (to your yahoo?) and hope to see you soon.

Gerb said...


Maya said...

Awesome! *Creepy Girl*