18 June 2009


Even though we are across the country from little Mary Deane & fam, Ann assured us there was something we really could DO. We took steps is all. We walked one of the best walks in P-Town - and RIGHT in our neighborhood: Starting at the east-most part of Center Street and walking to my Nu Skin and then back. The activities were amazing... lots of entertainment... a nice visit with High School friend Catherine, and after, we got free burgers & hot dogs and free stuff from the raffle tickets we bought with our 'donation' money. I felt kind of bad for getting so much but as long as the money goes to helping MD & others in her situation, I guess it's ok. (Free stuff: The portable-foldable soccer-mom chairs, laundry detergent, A $10 giftcard & Free lettuce wraps at PeiWei, 2 Utah Valley Thunder T-shirts and 4 tickets to their game next week!)

"Ack-Why are we facing the sun & why is the shortest arm taking the picture?"

"Aah. Much better."

They played "Folsom Prison" without the "shot a man... just to watch him die" verse.

This guy was my favorite.

Ok so in addition to feeling bad that all our donation money went to lots of stuff for us, we felt bad because we didn't realize until the last minute that we were supposed to be gathering money this whole time as part of a competition of raising the most money for CF research. So, if you wouldn't mind helping us feel better, I learned you can still donate! It's all tech-centered of course, so it's even as easy as just clicking below and entering in your info. Ben and I each have a goal of $50--can you help us reach that? If you don't like the entering-in-your-info idea, just let me know & I'll get the money to the right place.

Click on your favorite:
(Don't have one? Better donate to both!)

Ben's Page or Olivia's Page

Hesitant? Might as well bribe a bit by just reminding you that it's for...



Kurt Knudsen said...

we wanna donate! put us down for $25. for each. (Get a check from Ashley)

Ann said...

We are touched. Thank you Ben and Olivia, and everyone that donated!

Amie said...

What a sweet cause. There's nothing better than participating in those events. That's why I look forward to the Race for the Cure every year. We'll pray for your sweet neice too!

Coopers said...

One of our closest friends out here has a little 8 month old boy with CF. We also did a donation and walk out here. It is amazing to see all the hard work that these parents do for these kids.

olivia said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU! Allie! It's so fun to hear much from you. I've been quietly watching your blog & am very excited for Baby Cooper. Fun to hear about your connection here too...

Brendon said...

Looks like it was a lot of fun. I think the band should go on tour. Thanks for getting involved.