24 June 2009


We go to work and then we come home and are somehow busy until bed.

Last night I didn't go to bed until the birds started chirping at dusk. I was asked last-minute to design a brochure to help raise funds for families helped by this place. I think it was worth a sleepless night.

Ben went to the driving range with Levi.

We played World Cup soccer at the Sertoma field with little goals. I held my own as the only girl but I hate being competitive sometimes because I hate that I didn't score ONCE. I did get some fancy bruises on my hand and hip though. Thanks, Levi. (For organizing, that is)

I've been spending bits of time at my dear Amanda Knight Hall to help make something kind of like this, for Typophile Film Festival 5.

Ben's doing hard labor at work to help Blade move to a more great and spacious warehouse.

At the Downtown High Rise, I spent a whole day making a sailboat out of foam core to go around the coolers for today's free BBQ at the Nu Skin in celebration of the Team Elite Baltic Cruise. Marco helped me a lot. Internship is awesome.

Ben's also just been being amazing. He washed all the dishes for me yesterday. And today, while I had a lil' nap, made yum lasagna with chorrizo and then coleslaw and then Breyer's Ice Cream with really good strawberries. (Finally, good strawberries this year!)

We toured the Historic Homes of Provo on Friday- this year in the Timpanogos neighborhood. My fave. Tawny & Jaxton came! We also made pizzas the night before with Jon & Tallia. I put beets on mine even though they all made fun of me.

I've also been doing a logo for my cousin Ty-ty. Carmen and Ben helped too.

Tomorrow we're going to the Jazz Draft Party at Energy Solutions Arena. Ben said he got to go when he was 12. I've got a feeling it'll be like he's 12 again.


Yay for Provo lately and links too. I'll get back to photos next time.


made sweet said...

um. that last link was SO COOL

Amie said...

Does the fun ever end? :)

Katie said...

you have a blog?! love it!