26 June 2009


Moisés Juárez is 20

These were taken YEARS ago. I think just before I left to London in 2005.

I remember telling him his favorite color couldn't be red because that was Sean's favorite. I remember us telling him that his favorite color had to be yellow. I remember doing "Stay-Up-Club" with Sean and thinking we were so sneaky to leave Calvin out. (Back in the day where we all slept on the same foam futon on the floor). He turned out all right, though.

But Missionary Calvin is not left out anymore.

He landed yesterday on foreign soil for the first time (I hope) after a venture with flying on airplanes for his first time. (Since he was a baby). He wasn't supposed to leave P-town MTC until after the 4th of July, but London needed him. So my family got a call Wednesday night to say he was leaving the next day. He was nervous because he'd be traveling alone. No one to follow from point to point at the airport. I've been so worried ever since.

But why be worried? This kid's got smartzzz.
I'm positive he was the Chinese whiz of his district. (Of couse, I don't think he really needed his Chinese through the airports...) His mind is insane. He can work things out and make connections and then he can even explain it to you in the most proper of grammar but it will probably all go over your head.
He's street smart too though. He's one of the best drivers in our family (next to Papá, and maybe me, of course.) He's careful. He's sure. He's steady.

He's got a good head on his shoulders and even better he has a testimony like a rock. No one can knock him down. Those first few days in the field are tough but I bet he's taking it all in stride. I bet he's lengthening his stride. I miss him so.

Calvin, thanks for being born. Te quiero.
(Even though you can't understand Spanish anymore...)


Ann said...

I loved reading this.

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Calvin! I love the amazing Juarez familia!

Amie said...

Great tribute Olivia! Happy Birthday Calvin. :)

Kurt Knudsen said...

He's going to burn up London with his grammatically correct spicy Mandarin!

Sue said...

Very well said and so very Calvin. Happy Birthday!

Jenna said...

Wow - good luck to Calvin!