28 January 2010


(That's what Ben called it).

Last weekend, I was the happiest girl on earth,
because I was married to the happiest/most excited boy on earth.
(REALLY - I don't ever think I've seen him this giddy.
For good measure, let's just say the last time he was this
happy was on our wedding day... when his other
life-long dream was coming true?)

Literally, it was his DREAM.
(After we got the "Row 1" tickets on Friday,
he woke up twice that night to mumble that
he'd had a dream that we'd left late for the game.)

(This is the ad I designed for the Jazz program - my first time seeing it in print!)

Thanks to the Nu Skin for making dreams come true.



the farlanderz said...

love it! love the photos, love the dream come true, love the ad. full of love, love love for your posts. they always make me smile.

Jenna said...

ummm. really didn't know he was such a jazz fan! and I am pretty sure Tyrel would've come in a close second happiest if he was at front row seats to a jazz-NETS game! You know how he is about his poor nets. I can't believe you didn't text me or something!

Erin said...

What a fun night. The pictures are great, and I especially like how Ben had a dream about being late. And congratulations on the ad design!

Jordan said...

Dreamy. All of it.

PS Ben looks like Adam Sandler in that first picture.

Rebecca said...

So cool! Thanks for the pictures--almost felt like I was there. Almost.
Love your ad.

Kurt Knudsen said...

WHAT FUN! Good job documenting the excitement, the up close and personal, the buffo buffet, and the happiest boy. Liked the lights in his eyes shot.

Ann said...

How fun for you two. I remember when Ben and I went to a Jazz game. We got tickets because we played junior Jazz but, we were in the nosebleed. First row is a definite upgrade!

Devin Ann said...

Ben really does look like a little boy on Christmas morning:) You captured it well. Love going on dates, especailly to the Jazz game. Next time I go I'm looking for your add (so cool) and then I'm going to hang it on my fridge:)Happy Day!

Amie said...

How great to see your hard work in print! I love that Ben was so excited. Hooray for dreams-come-true!

Anderson Family said...

I am jealous!! Love the pictures! And way to go on the add!

olivia said...

Um, yeah Jenna: silly me. I opened the phone, and started to text you, and then just canceled because I felt like I was braggingish? Or something? I don't know but I felt dumb so I stopped. Lesson learned. AND YES - I didn't know he was such a Jazz fan til we were engaged, really. I don't know how he hid that from me in the 5 years prior to that. Anyway... I now dedicate this post to you & Tyrel. :)

And Erin--it was not one dream, but two. Maybe more that he didn't admit!

Tyrel said...

You're so lucky to see the Nets.

Tawny said...

you guys are so cute i'm like gagging as i read this, so cute. i just love you both.

Kristen said...

Ok, you were right the green monster has officially taken residence on my back! I cannot believe you didn't at least call me from the game, so I could hear what it sounded like. I am extremely jealous, you're lucky i'm not telling Jason about this.