09 January 2010


Ben enjoying the view from the POÄNG, cuddled in my high school quilt with a classic family boot mug
filled with Fresca (one of several sodas readily available to him at the Juárez home).

Most of his family is away, so it was nearly 100% Juárez time during the holidays.

Ben has embraced it in stride.

When we were invited to enjoy Christmas Eve with his aunt (Thanks, Lynn!), Ben was the one to remind me that this may very well be my last few months close to my family and he assured me that he wanted me to get in as much togetherness as possible.

What a dear.

My mother is the one to remind him that my family's home life is so opposite from his.
I assume it's apples and oranges to him. I know he liked his apple, (pork, saurkraut, gifts and a talent show), but he I think he really likes my family's orange (cleaning house, a Chinese dinner at Rice King on Center Street, and jammies).

I don't know if he'd admit that he ever wasn't, but Ben has become more comfortable around my wildlife sibs. He speaks up with quick comebacks and jokes with the kids til they laugh and declare that he is "their new favorite." He spearheads a session of Wii and even branches out during Beatles Rock Band from his default bass to guitar and singing! He doesn't mind if we stay at my parents all Sunday long. As he did comfortably on the day pictured above.

Tonight is another example, Ben didn't fuss when I left to pick up the film God Grew Tired of Us (to watch while he worked on a sculpture for his portfolio), but instead came home with the film, a vacuum and Josie, Carmen, Maya and Ashton. They sprawled on the floor for the movie, and Ben kicked back with them. He stayed calmly on his sculpture even the movie ended and a heel went flying into a nose for a bloody mess. They lingered for a game of charades, and it was Ben who called out, "Who wants ice cream??"

A dear, I tell you!

I love him more than ever these days. In HusBen's words, this coming year is going to be full of surprises, adventures, and, likely, more trials. But there's no other companion we'd rather have on those adventures!

So, in ca-hootz with my mama, I'm continuing a theme:
On my last New Years of the mission, I declared, "2008 is gonna be great!"
Last year, Mom was prepared with "2009 shall be divine!"

This year, I dedicate to Ben as he leads us on these surprises and adventures
(we graduate, we experience his internship—Orem? Chicago? DC?,
& we land somewhere for grad school—
Utah St? Kansas St? LSU? Toronto? NC State? UPenn?):

2010 means I LOVE BEN.


Sue said...


Tawny said...

ha. your cute. so is your hub. :)

Amie said...

perfect. that's a great theme. You do have gem. Here's to new adventures!

Rebecca said...

I love this. And you. And Ben.

Kurt Knudsen said...

What a nice tribute. You're the wife that's made his life rife with happiness (sorry those are the only two words I could think of that rhymed with wife.

Rebecca said...

What is 2010 for the rest of us? And will there ever be a year that rhymes with Doug?

Sandy said...

GREAT post! And here's to a great 2010 for you and Ben!